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The Right Dirt Makes All the Difference….Now How Do I Get It??

So if you read my last post (you can read it here) you have discovered that planting your flowers or vegetable garden in the proper dirt can save your plants from being devastated by bugs and can also make the difference between healthy and highly productive plants or having unhealthy, sickly plants.

One might be asking themselves, so how do I get this said dirt???

My response….easy!! Get yourself a pet rabbit or a couple of chickens!


One of our new baby bunnies 🙂


2 of my hens running to see what the crazy farm lady has for them today 🙂

I am a micro farmer…there is no denying that! I believe everyone can grow at least some of their own food easily. Even if you live in city limits, I think everyone should have at least two pet hens and a bunny rabbit. You might ask, “Why?”

My response: Multiple reasons!

1. If you have pet chickens you will always have fresh eggs. They don’t cost much to feed. You can buy the store stuff or feed your fine feathered friends all natural foods. Chickens will eat almost anything!

2. Chickens and rabbits are VERY entertaining! Sit back and watch them a while….you will soon find I am correct!

3. Bunnies and chickens poop! Their poop is AWESOME fertilizer!

If you decide to take in a lonesome pet bunny or a few girlish hens (that will soon be your bff’s….I am afraid of birds and LOVE my hens!) you will see that if you collect the bunny poo or sift through where your hens scratch you will have great dirt to grow in and amazing fertilizer!

You will also need wood chips! Your chickens will LOVE to scratch around in them. You can get them from any tree service (usually free) and let them compost either over winter in your garden beds or in your chickens’ area. That is how we grow all of our veggies and flowers. And again, if you check out my post here you will find the picture of what type of difference a little chicken and/or bunny poo (with the help of plain wood chips) can make for your plants!

Gardening Tip: The Difference in Dirt

So as many of you know my blog is kind of a hodge podge of information that I am learning as I go from kids to gardening to homesteading….basically, whatever the Lord shows me I put up here to share with others. I have been wondering lately if I should narrow my blog more (what do you think?). Honestly, my passions are writing, homesteading, and my family/kids. God has blessed me richly in each of these areas so let me know what you think!

On to today’s topic. I was driving back from taking my oldest kiddos to school this morning and it hit me, “It is gardening season! You are up to your elbows in plants! Share what has totally blown your mind this week!!” Any idea what that might have been?? DIRT!!! Yes….dirt!!

My hubby and I practice no-till gardening. This basically means instead of digging into the dirt and tilling it all up, we baby our dirt and build on top of it. So in the fall we create our garden beds. We add compost on top of our soil and wood chips. We let it sit and breakdown all winter and then use a hoe to gently pull the soil back a little and plant! Now, we had heard that you can grow simply and organically using this method by simply babying your dirt. When your plants get a good root system on them bugs go after the weaker plants instead of the stronger ones (i.e no pesticides). So we tried it this year. We plant all over our property. Our fertilizer comes from our chickens and rabbits (about as organic as it gets, right?) We plant our running green beans around little homemade teepees so they can run up and around them and it makes for much easier picking. One batch of beans was planted where we had our chicken brooder box for a bit. Right next to it, we planted more beans but the dirt hadn’t been built up quite as much considering this was our first year planting there. The results were mind blowing!! Well, you have to see for yourself……

Greenbeans 1 Greenbeans 2

The picture on the left are our first year of soil beans. They are lacking nitrogen still if you can tell. They have bug bites and apparently a weak root system. However, the picture on the right is rich in color, high in nitrogen apparently because of the green color, and hardly any bug bites! So the theory is true!

Does that not blow your mind? So stop wasting your money on expensive pesticides and start investing in your dirt. I’ll tell you how to do this with little cost to you….stay tuned!!