Homesteading Today: 5 Reasons to Add Goats to Your Homestead

Disclaimer: Notice the term goats. (Plural) Goats are very social animals. We made the mistake of starting with one goat. It wasn’t two weeks later, we had two goats. Goats will cry and cry calling for a playmate. Please don’t make your goats cry. Get them a playmate. If not, you’ll probably be the one crying from the constant loud crying of your lonely goat.

Baby Duncan

Baby Duncan

5 Reasons to Have Goats

Just so it is clear, I am the crazy goat lady. I love my goats! They are fabulous additions to any family or farm. I was a little skeptical when we added them to our miniature homestead because they were the biggest animals we would have. It is a little intimidating. However, we decided to take the plunge, and I am so glad that we did. With all that being said, I wanted to give you all 5 great reasons you should get a goat.

1. They Make You Smile Every Day!!

I am not a morning person. If you know me, you know I once hated to get out of bed in the morning especially if it was early. Not anymore! After we got goats, their morning baas were enough for me to put my feet on the floor (early!) and a smile on my face. They are so happy to see you every morning and really, anytime you go visit them! They run and play. Goats are just naturally happy little creatures. It is hard not to smile or laugh at their crazy little antics.

Duncan with Nanny photo bombing him!

Duncan with Nanny photo bombing him!

2. They are Great Little Brush Clearers

Our goats’ area is behind our shed near the woods. They have a little cabin attached to the shed with a loft bed. Yes, we spoil our goats! (I love them!!) However, we had to clear the area so they could have their space. We had some stubborn brush that we simply could not get. Never fear! The goats are here!!! LoL!! They have cleaned that area right up! You would never know their area was once wooded.

Goat Cabin

Goat Cabin

Our goats' loft bed

Our goats’ loft bed

Our nanny goat named Nanny! How original, right? She was our first goat!

Our nanny goat named Nanny! How original, right? She was our first goat!

3. They Have Babies!!

Our goats have not kidded yet. We got our male later than our females, and he was still a kid himself. He should finally be big enough to mount our females in a few more months. This is so exciting because then we will have babies! If you have ever seen a baby goat (aka a kid) then you know how absolutely precious they are! Let’s be real though, unless you have a tremendous amount of land you can’t keep all of their babies. With that being said, goats pretty well pay for themselves since you can eventually sell off their babies to GOOD HOMES!! (I emphasize that as I can’t stand when people do not care for their animals! It is important that if you are going to allow your animals to breed that you take the care to place their offspring in good homes.)

Duncan as a baby sleeping in their hay feeder.

Duncan as a baby sleeping in their hay feeder.

4. They Give You Milk!

This was why we initially decided to get goats. We knew we didn’t have enough land to have a milk cow. However, we did have enough space for quite a few goats. This was great news as goats give quite a bit of milk when they kid! I could write a whole different post just on goats and their amazing milk-giving talents! How awesome to have your own little milk-maker in your backyard!! Yay for homesteading, right?? Nubians are most recommended for milking purposes as their milk tastes the closest to cow’s milk. However, you can milk any kind of goat.

Our second goat, Rusty!  Nanny is the boss. Rusty is our cuddle bug.

Our second goat, Rusty! Nanny is the boss. Rusty is our cuddle bug.

5. They Love You!!!

Your goats will be your new best friends. Any time I am having a rough day, all I have to do is go see my goats. They are like loyal dogs only funnier! When you go see your goats they will lick your legs, try to chew on your clothes, baa at you, follow you around, and rub all over you wanting you to pet them. They are fantastic little creatures that are so sweet natured with tons of personality. Our kids absolutely love our goats! The amazing thing, our goats love us too!!!

Rusty licking my leg while I'm trying to take pictures. LoL!

Rusty licking my leg while I’m trying to take pictures. LoL!

Want to know about our other animals on our homestead? Check them out here and here too! Until next time guys, keep looking up! And keep up with everything going on here at A Healthy Mix!

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