A Homeschool Review of Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

In my previous post here, I stated why my family and I have decided to start homeschooling our youngest two boys. I wanted to share with you the homeschooling option we have decided to go with and why. As the school year progresses I will post a follow up review of the site simply because if it is as awesome as I think it is going to be I’m sure more homeschool families will want to partake. For starters, we have decided to go with Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. You can check their site out here. I found this site by the grace of God. When my husband and I decided that homeschooling was something we were willing to explore I began praying for guidance on what type of product/ program to use. I checked out many of the well-known options but the problem was how expensive it was going to be. They ranged anywhere from $400-$1600 for a school year with two kids. To be honest, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to pay that for something I wasn’t all that familiar with. Not to mention, my family and I are on the upside of getting out of debt. I didn’t want to have to go into debt to homeschool. So when I prayed about it, Easy Peasy is where I was led. We decided to go with this homeschool option for quite a few reasons.

1. It is FREE!! Yes, it is free! All you have to do is have a computer, internet connection, and buy     basic supplies. After printing out the supplies list given on the website for both of our boys I figure I am looking at around $200 to homeschool both of my children for an entire year! That is not bad!

  1. It is EASY!! I have gone through a lot of the lesson plans and tried a few of them out with the kids this summer, and they seem to really enjoy it! I am excited because it is very user-friendly. I also love the fact that you can order the textbooks to go with the program so you don’t have to be attached to a computer constantly. I am planning on ordering the books just for easier use, but they are very reasonably priced.
  2. It is Christian based.

I love the fact that Bible study is included in the daily curriculum.

  1. I can take my kids all the way to graduation if that is what we feel led to do.

It is awesome that I won’t have to switch programs as my kids get older.

It is amazing to find a curriculum that someone put together out of the goodness of their heart to help people like me that want to homeschool their kids but don’t want to go into debt over it. It appears to be a true blessing to our family, and I am really excited to begin this journey!

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