We Are All Terminal

Not a very encouraging title is it? But facts are facts. I heard our pastor once say, “The moment you are born you begin to die.” It is truth though it is not very appealing. It has taken a long time for that truth to sink in. I have wasted a lot of my life trying to please other people and serve other “gods” if you will. God has finally got it through my head to live life! We get one shot at this, and I finally asked myself, “What will you do with it?”

A lot of people think I am nuts for trying to start a career in writing. Most would say that it is tough to actually make it, there is no money in it, and why even try? My response is simple because God gave me a talent, and I am going to try my hardest to use it! I am finding that I have many talents that go unused. I think back now over my life all of the talents I have had and lost because I simply didn’t use them.

I use to sing but because I didn’t have a lot of encouragement in that area, I lost confidence and I quit. I use to dance but because I lacked confidence and encouragement, I quit that too. I use to write A LOT but hit a certain point in life where I lost confidence and encouragement in that too! Like everything else, I quit. It took a hard road traveled to realize I am who God says I am. I have the talents that God gave me. I am capable of doing many things simply because God says I am. And I can be as successful as God wants me to be. So here I am, writing a blog, writing for as many open submissions as I can find the time to do, and writing on many sites for free simply to do it!

I realize now that I AM TERMINAL! I won’t be here forever, and I want to live while I am still able too. I am branching out in other areas too. I once was petrified of kids (until I had my own.) God called me into Children’s ministry, and I am now serving as much as I can simply because I want to. I want to serve God with every bit of talent or oomph or whatever else you would call it, that He has given me. If I am successful at it…GREAT! If not, at least I can say I tried. I want to use what He has given me.

I am raising 3 boys, embracing motherhood, embracing step motherhood, embracing wifehood, attempting to homeschool, and finishing up a degree simply because I started it and God has encouraged me to finish it.

It is exhausting at times. It is scary to step out there and know people are going to think you are nuts. People are going to reject your work. However, it is also exhilarating because you had the guts to try it! I want to encourage my friends to stop being so focused on the practical all the time. Live! We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. We may have hours or we may have years left to live. Regardless, you don’t want to wait until you get that doctor prescribed terminal notice and realize, “Hey, I didn’t live!” I don’t know when I’ll go to the doctor and get that prognosis. I may never get it. I may get no notice at all. Regardless, I want to know that if I get the opportunity to look back over my life that I will have few regrets because I was bold. I had courage to live the life God gave me. It won’t be perfect. I will make mistakes. But if I can look back over my life and know that I lived the life God gave me, I did something (big or small) for Him then I will call my terminal life a blessed success!

I encourage anyone who reads this to live while you still can. Use your talents while you still have them. Go for it! As hard as you possibly can….go for it! Don’t worry about what people think. It is an audience of One, and He is for you! So be brave today. What is that thing you have always wanted to do? Embrace it, pray about it, and leave the doubts behind.

I am leaving you all with a quote that has really inspired and encouraged me while I am taking these leaps of faith:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and I could say, “I used everything that you gave me.”

-Erma Bombeck

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