Our Experience With Raising Bees….So Far!

I have not touched on one of my passions much since I began this blog. My husband and I homestead on a miniature level. We try really hard to grow and raise as much of our food as possible. It has been very interesting, and we have gained a lot of knowledge through the process. One of our latest projects is raising bees. We have been blessed with meeting wonderful people that are actually mentoring us in this process. They have even gone so far as to give us some of their bees to start our own hives. Pretty neat, huh? It has been such a blessing! We haven’t had them long, but I wanted to share some of the knowledge I‘ve gained so far to help others that might be interested in raising their own honey.

  • The first thing I have learned about having bees is they are NOT huge threats! I was really apprehensive about raising bees because I have children some of which are still rather small. I was afraid one of them would be stung, the bees would just randomly swarm, or the kids would mess with the hive and cause a problem. After having them I realize all of those things are pretty much preventable.
    • Bees aren’t huge stingers. You wouldn’t even know we raise bees if you came to our property. We have an average amount of bees for the vegetation we grow. When you see a bee just let them fly. They are curious creatures and actually quite amazing the more you study and appreciate what they do.
    • Bees won’t swarm unless the queen leaves. In that case they are not aggressive because there is no hive to protect.
    • If you place your hive in a smart location then you have no worries about the hive being messed with. We live in the woods so our hive is actually placed behind our house at the tree line. It gives them a good amount of sun, protection from the wind, and far enough off the beaten path that there are very few worries of the kids aggravating them.
  • The second thing I have learned about bees is that (so far) they are pretty low maintenance. Unless you are separating out your hives or collecting honey, you kind of let the bees do their thing. They travel around, collect their food, and are really neat to watch. I was also apprehensive about raising them because I did TONS of research on the internet and everyone made it seem like they were really complicated to raise. I have to say, I disagree…so far. I will let you know as I gain experience if this opinion changes.
  • The last thing I have learned so far about bees is that they will help your garden grow! We are having great vegetation this year. I know it is the hand of the Lord, but I fully believe He is the one behind us having bees to begin with so I believe He is using them to prosper our garden!

I will give another update as I gain more experience with the bees but so far, if you are considering raising your own bees my question to you is: what are you waiting for??

Until next time, keep looking up!


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