How To “Do” The Holidays When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It!

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Hey Guys!

Yes, I haven’t posted in a while. My house was struck by a horrible stomach bug that left us all down and out for quite a few days. However, I’m happy to say we are feeling better and just in time for Christmas. Which leads me to my post today. Today’s post is honest and totally transparent about dealing with the holidays when you lack holiday cheer, like myself. The holidays aren’t always a joyful time for some. When you’ve lost loved ones, when you live far away from your loved ones, or when gatherings just aren’t very much fun…Christmas becomes more of  a hardship than a joyful time. So today, I’m kind of talking myself through this one because I am one of those people who Christmas isn’t so much fun for.

To me, holidays equal drama. Rush here, rush there, be around people who wouldn’t pee on you if you were on fire…..

So for people, such as myself, that have these wonderfully dreaded experiences around each holiday, I wanted to share how I cope.

1. Honestly, I cry at first: I’m one of those people I prefer normal days to holidays because I hate drama. The holidays to me equal drama so I usually just sit down, cry, and get it over with. LoL!

2. For the sake of transparency, I state my case to my husband in hopes he’ll agree with us skipping the holidays this year. We could still decorate and have a gathering with just us and the kids but skip the rest. Might I add, I am a HUGE “Christmas With The Kranks” fan! Love that movie!! LoL!!  But, I digress, he rarely agrees with me though he dislikes the holiday’s rush and drama as much as I do.

3. I pray: I ask God to just give me the strength to get through yet another holiday season and to help me change my perspective. Instead of looking at all I dread, look for some good in the holiday seasons.

4. I pray some more.

5. I finally get past my pitty-party thanks to God’s grace and suck it up. Maybe not as poetic as one might hope but it is truthful.

So for my friends that are little Scrooges instead of little elves I just wanted you to know you are not alone. Just lean on the Lord and like always, He’ll be faithful and carry us through! Even our little immature, petty things are cared about by Him. Which I find amazing and wonderfully comforting during these “stress-y” times.

The thing that always changes my perspective is when I make Christmas about others. Isn’t that how Christmas got started? It is about Jesus’ birth, but God was thinking of us when He sent Jesus to atone for our many sins. So bake a neighbor cookies, volunteer at the homeless shelter (they always LOVE visitors–especially this time of year), show love, make it about helping others instead of fixating on what you dread…God will handle the less glamorous parts of the holidays.

Until next time—Merry Christmas—and keep looking up!!


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