His Ways Are Higher Than My Ways

soup blog pic

Hey guys!

So change of plans yet again today. Isn’t that funny when that happens? Sometimes yes, it can be quite funny. Other times, no; changes in plans aren’t all that funny. Today started off as one of those “no” days. See, we had planned on our two youngest children to enjoy Christmas parties at school today. Then we were going to head out for a fun over-night trip for our middle son’s birthday. Only…none of that happened. My husband came down with a nasty cold yesterday which has hung over to today. My youngest woke up at 1am with a vicious stomach bug that has left him ill (and Christmas party-less) today 😦 Which ultimately turned into us having to reschedule our birthday trip event. Of course, this left us all disappointed and tired. But towards the end of the afternoon, I had a few moments to slow down, and God so faithfully met me there. He pointed out how this change in plans and disappointment could be viewed from a different angle if I’d only look for the good. Then I started to see things clearly.

See, my family is now on the mend and a day of rest did them A LOT of good! We rescheduled our trip so now we get to welcome in the new year in a super fun way! And only a few minutes after my meeting with God a dear friend called me. She is in a situation that she needed a shoulder to lean on. If I was out of town my shoulder wouldn’t have been available. We got other troubling news today about a dearly loved family member that if I had been gone I wouldn’t be able to spend this evening with her so she doesn’t have to be alone during this difficult time.

God orchestrates each of our steps, and the way I see it is we have two choices:
1. Be total control freaks and spend our lives upset because 9 times out of 10 things won’t go exactly as expected.
2. Go with God and simply trust Him. If we choose this path, we ultimately will find unexpected blessings.

Today’s post is a little short….I’ve got homemade soup on and a sick family to tend to so not much time today. I will get back to my canning posts when the Lord directs 🙂

Until next time…keep looking up!


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