Welcome! My name is Jennifer, and I am the founder of A Healthy Mix. I am so excited that you stopped by to see what is going on around here. A Healthy Mix came about as something I felt the Lord pushing me towards. I am a wife, mother, stepmother, mini-homesteader, follower of Jesus Christ, and student. When the idea of a blog first came upon me it was during a time I was struggling. My family had just become blended and it was tough! I went to the internet to seek help from other women that were struggling just as I was but there were no blogs for people like me. So I flopped like a fish out of water for months seeking God and begging Him to change our family. He was faithful! He then started impressing upon me to be that help to others that I so desperately needed during my time of struggling. It took a lot of convincing, but I am trying to be obedient and throw myself out there!

I started out thinking this blog would be aimed for stepparents. Then I realized that blended families are more than just step families. What about families that have adopted? They are blended too and face the same struggles. Then I realized our lives have become more than our struggles faced early on. We are a family! And we are loving, learning, and serving together. With that thought, I decided to branch this blog out to fit almost any family. I wanted to encourage everyone. Share how I learned to make it on one income with a growing family. I also wanted to share my passion…..small scale homesteading. Our family stumbled into this way of life unexpectedly and love it! Which leads me full circle back to the title of this blog: A Healthy Mix. It will contain a healthy mix of everything but will always go back to the true purpose: honoring God in the every day parts of our lives. That is why we are here! To love, serve, and honor Him! So come along with me as I share what God has shown our family. I hope you will find something here that encourages and helps you! And please, feel free to chat with me. If you have anything to add, I am here to learn too! So share away! I am all ears!

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